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TX Business Women supports business owners around the world.  We fight to break the glass ceiling that hinders women's success and/or companies whose civil rights have been violated by overzealous governments or regulations. We use various avenues to encourage elected officials to help companies compete for equal business opportunities.  We fight collectively in stopping bureaucratic bullies from attacking and destroying our rights to own and operate independent businesses.  


Politician with Supporters
Elected Official Accountability


Have your elected officials ignored you? Collectively we can make them listen.  We will lobby governmental entities to ensure women's issues are not ignored.

Business Woman Smiling


We will work with you in contacting the right people to ensure that you are not excluded, bullied, and denied civil rights protections.

Business Woman


We will not let you fight alone.  We will distribute your story throughout our social media sites, demand justice for you, and hold your elected officials accountable .

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