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TBW has over 25 years experience in crisis mgmt and human rights advocacy!



The reason for rolling blackouts is to protect the power grid from serious damage and to ensure power supply to critical locations, such as hospitals. Rotating outages are easier to deal with than a complete shutdown of the grid due to overloaded transmission lines or damage to power plants.  

But why does the power need to be turned off in the first place? Because the grid needs to be maintained at a specific frequency – for the Texas power grid, that’s about 60 hertz – in order to function properly.  

That frequency is maintained when the demand for power is equal to the amount of power that’s being added to the grid. If the energy demand is too high, then power generators can’t keep up and the grid gets overloaded. Continue reading here.

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Climate Disaster Preparedness with Columbia’s Jeffrey Schlegelmilch


From the website: Energy for Everyone Propane

In a far-reaching conversation, Tucker covers climate disaster preparedness, microgrids and grid resiliency with Jeffrey Schlegelmilch, Research Scholar and the Director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University’s Earth Institute.

Schlegelmilch has advised leaders on preparedness systems and policy at various levels of government, including testifying before Congress earlier this year on disaster preparedness funding. continue reading here

Women Colleagues
  • We sell emergency products and provide guidance on crisis survival. Whether its weather related, health related, or just basic life challenges, we are here to help you manage the process. 

  • International advocate for civil rights and victim support services

  • Trainers, managers, and job placement professionals for medical support and IT personnel

  • Minority Business of the Year Recipient– Dallas Business Journal

  • 25 Years experience in adult education and placement in healthcare and business IT

  • Created a hub of over 60 help organizations in the Dallas, TX area

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